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Radical Something- Wash Away

As if they hadn’t already dropped enough great music these past few weeks, our friends at Radical Something dropped this video for a brand new song called Wash Away.  If you dont know Radical Something be sure to check out the EP, No Sweat, keep checking in with them; they are on their way to the ...

Radical Something- No Sweat [Album]

Earlier tonight, Radical Something’s manager hit me up. This album just dropped. It is only 2.99 and it is undoubtably worth it. We’ve been posting all their stuff recently, so if you’ve been checking the blog, you definitely know about these guys. They are one of our favorite up and coming groups and do an amazing job of combining pop, singing and rap in order to create the perfect chill music. Peep a preview of the album in the video below, and go like these guys on Facebook. Spend 2.99 in support of good music… ...

Radical Something – Valentine (Cut Me Loose)

Radical Something is another group I found out about recently. They are part of this new school of artists really benefiting from the rise of the college blog. Personally, they are one of my favorite groups in this genre. Their last album has been on rotation in my wagon. On top of the inherent dopeness in the music, Mike Cash, one of our in-house New Swag City producers, produced one of the track on their last album AND our good homie Alex over at is now managing this duo. Radical Something definitely has the full support of ...

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