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Best of Quagmire

Someone on Youtube compiled tons of Quagmires best scenes and quotes and made a mixtape out of all of them. Sit back, relax and giggity ...

Vinny Cha$e – L.U.X.U.R.Y.

Been hearing about this dude Vinny Cha$e for awhile now around the New Swag City office, so I gotta show him some blog love. He also shouts out our very own Dee and Ricky at the beginning of the video. ...

Dee and Ricky take over Miami THIS SATURDAY

Dee and Ricky are throwing a party that you’re not gonna wanna miss… In Miami, this Saturday 2/25, Le Swag is taking over the EVL WORLD GALLERY. The event is an open bar RSVP ONLY event… Performances from Bobby Flee, Lunchmoney, and New Swag City’s own Swizzy Swinton. Get ...

The Shoebox Skeez Files (Part 1)

Yerpafella! It’s ur broSKEEZ here wit that good info for my fellow #SneakerHeads. There’s alot of heat droppin this year n I will keep u updated n give u a release reminder too! I got the scoop on the new new from Pony by my homies Dee & Ricky! They got alot of dope shxt in the works but this new run of kicks they did with Pony is straight FIYAHHH! First up is the Black Mash up’s, The speckled soul is a Dope on these black on black on blacks!     The other pair of Mash up’s they did are crazy! The brown ...

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