New Swag City is a multifaceted fashion and entertainment company, incorporating NSC Artist Services and the NewSwagCity.com

New Swag City Artist Services (NSCAS) is an ultra-high quality multimedia production house, providing audio, visual, marketing, and other business services to artists, actors, models, corporations, PR firms, and Event Promoters around the country. NSCAS offers a full range of photography and videography capabilities. Promotional shoots, high fashion photos, event/nightlife photography, music videos, live shows, behind-the-scenes footage, EPK reels, and all photo/video post-production. NSCAS can also handle your music project from start to finish. Our state-of-the-art recording studio, fully insulated sound booth and industry-experienced engineers will help you record, mix, master, and craft your masterpiece! Furthermore, we have a record label and distribution deal with Orchard Music, who is the industry-leader in digital distribution. Beyond our considerable audio and video services, we also offer many other services, including Social Media Marketing, Graphic Design, Trademarking, Party Planning, Album/Promo Art, Studio Design, Image Management, and more!

New Swag City is up-to-date with the hottest music, fashion, and entertainment news, and also has an impressive catalogue of exclusive content.  In-depth interviews with the brightest up-and-coming superstars, including recording artists, fashion designers, sports stars, and other moguls-in-training, as well as exclusive columns and content from some of today’s most popular personalities and bloggers.   Our affiliation with brands such as Brenea Rose Champagne, Dee & Ricky, ESPN and Rock America Record Label, and with events like Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, I’m Shmacked Tour, and 40oz Bounce, provide us with a unique opportunity to provide exclusive content, far above and beyond the run-of-the-mill re-blogging websites that saturate the Internet today.

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