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MC Jack Brown (of Sophistafunk) picks his favorite verses on
What’s up New Swag City?? This is Jack Brown from SOPHISTAFUNK. I’ve been recording songs & playing shows with THE HIGHER CONCEPT since 2005, so the staff at NSC asked me to rank the best verses on their new album >>

I picked the TOP 6 VERSES by each emcee, based on this criteria:
[ Creativity, Content, Flow, Rhymes, and Delivery ] 
+ some of my favorite lines

6. Change
5. Everybody
4. Smile
” Turn the tragedies to comedies / the battles into harmonies  
  Let it mix with your style, just smile “
3. They Used To Say
2. Raindrop
1. American Way
” Look a little closer, see the strings (Man, we gettin’ played) 
  Who’s to say that we lost our way? 
  When the rich are getting richer and they mold us out of clay “ 


6. When Its Over
5. Runnin Away
” Every day something different, so strange 
  Friends say ‘Nevermind’ but I’m Cobain 
  Can’t stop and I know it 
  Wear my heart on my sleeve and you don’t even notice “
4. Everybody
3. Everythings is Everything
2. Smile
” A change couldn’t come at a better time 
  Talking dumb, like ‘The sun doesn’t ever shine’ 
  It’s looking down, but that’s your first wrong turn 
  Look to Saturn and Jupiter long-term “
1. Hittin The Road


6. Smile
5. Raindrop
4. This is For
” What you gonna leave behind? 
   I guess we don’t really know, blind leads the blind 
  Although we all try to plant a seed in time 
  We never wanna go, love to be alive “
3. Everything is Everything
” Our time has arrived, what you’re hearing is hope
  In my mind is an eye, it’s as clear as a ghost 
  You should try to rewind so you hear all the notes “
2. Runnin Away
1. They Used To Say

words by JACK BROWN
Jack is a member of the live Hip Hop band SOPHISTAFUNK, a nationally touring act from Syracuse, NY. Check their album, tour updates, and more at:



Do you think Jack Brown is wrong? Or that he knows what he’s talking about? Either way, please COMMENT and let us know what you have to say about the album >> >>
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